Your favorite flower?

Mine is a hydrangea. These were the first that I made. Tons of small shells made into small flowers bunched into a hydrangea ball.

Next was peonies, then roses, edelweiss, and tulips.

Each flower, a request that I did my best to position the shells to mimic the actual flower, uniquely made as no two shells are exactly alike. 

Flowers wilt and die. Seashell flowers last forever.

it's all about

the details



Creating your dream floral arrangement with the uniqueness of the seashells is something I love. You will share your colors, arrangement size and function, and favorite flowers. I get to work on designing your vision with a bit of assistance from the sea.

Based on the available of the shells I have, will determine the size, color and shape of the flowers. I ALWAYS have hydrangea flowers.

Making these flowers is similar to sculpting clay: Sometimes they speak to you as to what they'll become.


special events

Whatever your event, Fiori di Mare CT can deliver gorgeous, unique, hand-crafted "floral" arrangements that last. We make an assortment of flowers which can be arranged to your liking. Flowers can stand alone or have silk greenery added.