Hello! I'm Mayla.
I'm glad that you're here... as I love to share the joy that flowers and the ocean bring to me with others. 

I am looking forward to learning more about you so we can work together.


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August 24, 2018


Hello. Thank you for visiting my webpage. I’ve been in my studio a lot these days trying to beat this heat creating some new flowers for your viewing.

The most frequently asked question I am receiving is, “Do you only make wedding bouquets?”

I make flowers…

whether they are collected into a bouquet or not. When I made the bouquets for my close friend’s wedding, guests and the wedding designer couldn’t believe that they were shells. The wedding was the first time I had created several flowers, grouped them into a bouquet, and had them viewed by more than just friends who’ve seen a few shell flowers at my home.

I love analyzing real flowers and trying to recreate them with shells. It is a fun challenge.



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